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[IMG]after the kiss.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.2M 
[IMG]ana and tía victoria.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.1M 
[IMG]at juano's place.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.8M 
[IMG]at juan pablo's place.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.4M 
[IMG]at the metal concert.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.9M 
[IMG]at the party.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.0M 
[IMG]blood at the pool.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 1.9M 
[IMG]by the rocks.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.1M 
[IMG]dancing with la flaca.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.4M 
[IMG]driving to the hacienda.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 1.9M 
[IMG]feeling at home.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.3M 
[IMG]first impressions.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.2M 
[IMG]first kiss.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.9M 
[IMG]flaca-_who's that__.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.2M 
[IMG]getting to the hacienda.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 1.6M 
[IMG]getting up.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 1.9M 
[IMG]juano as juan pablo leaves.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.0M 
[IMG]juano at the shop.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.4M 
[IMG]juano at the shop cu.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 1.9M 
[IMG]juano jumps into the river.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.4M 
[IMG]juano leaves.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 3.1M 
[IMG]juan pablo observes juano.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.7M 
[IMG]kiss.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 1.6M 
[IMG]naagrum, the metal band.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.6M 
[IMG]outside with la flaca.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.2M 
[IMG]running from the cops.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 3.4M 
[IMG]tío jorge's toast.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 3.3M 
[IMG]thinking about juano.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.1M 
[   ]thumbs.db2017-01-17 11:53 105K 
[IMG]upside down.jpg2017-01-17 11:02 2.4M 
[IMG]wondering what will happen.jpg2017-01-17 11:01 2.4M